Solving Government & Contractor Fluid Applicator Challenges

Designetics is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of fluid applicators and automated fluid application systems, and we continuously set the bar for quality, efficiency, and safety in fluid application. We’ve helped customers in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to consumer appliances and apparel improve their fluid application process and exceed their goals. As the leader in fluid application solutions, Designetics is in a unique position to help government entities and primary contractors solve their fluid application challenges.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing for Standard and Custom Products

Whether the end product is protective gear, such as helmets and goggles, or transportation equipment, proper fluid application can mean the difference between a product that works flawlessly and one that fails. We understand that in government-related applications, failure can be catastrophic and is simply not an option. This is one reason Designetics has built a vertically integrated manufacturing operation, with all of our fluid applicators and automated systems manufactured in-house. We control the materials, assembly, and testing, to ensure that every product and system we deliver meets the highest quality standards.

Being vertically integrated also allows us to control prototyping, manufacturing, and delivery timelines. Whether it’s for a federal government entity or a primary contractor, we deliver to your schedule. We have a catalog of over 5000 fluid applicators to address a wide range of fluids on almost any substrate – and we also design custom applicators to meet customers’ specific and unique needs. Our rapid prototyping program puts a custom-made fluid applicator in your hands within days, not weeks. And when you’re ready for production volumes, we can deliver the products or systems that you need, when you need them.

Designetics is a vertically integrated manufacturer of fluid applicators and automated application systems. All of our products and systems are manufactured in-house at our facility in Holland, Ohio.

Semi and Fully Automated Fluid Application Systems Protect Workers and the Environment

In addition to fluid applicators, we also manufacture semi- and fully automated fluid application systems and can help you determine which level of automation suits your production and quality goals. Whether it’s a semi-automated system to improve quality and worker safety, or a fully automated system for the highest levels of productivity and efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

At Designetics, we know that safety is paramount for our customers, so all of our fully automated fluid application systems – the e3 series of pumps – use peristaltic pumping technology to provide a completely closed system that is air-tight, from the bottle to the pump, to the end-of-arm tooling and down to the applicator. This protects the fluid from air exposure, and more importantly, protects workers and the environment from exposure to hazardous chemicals. Automated fluid application systems from Designetics provide precise, repeatable fluid flow with no drips or leaks – minimizing waste and maximizing productivity.

Just as the U.S. government works to protect its citizens, Designetics fluid application systems are designed to protect workers. Our e3 series of automated systems and accessories – such as the Horizontal dp3 – ensure a safe, fully closed fluid application process, preventing drips, leaks, or spills.

Helping Government Entities and Primary Contractors Solve Tough Fluid Application Challenges

With decades of experience and thousands of applications under our belt, Designetics is uniquely positioned to help federal government entities and primary contractors solve their fluid application challenges, regardless of the industry or end product. And all of our products are Made in America at our manufacturing facility in in Holland, Ohio.

We realize that our success hinges on your success, so we focus on your unique needs and challenges to design exactly the right fluid applicator or system for your process. And we use integrity as a touchstone in every aspect of our business. To learn more about our capabilities for designing and manufacturing fluid applicators and automated systems, give us a call.



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Whether you’re looking for manual fluid applicators or a closed-loop end-to-end system, you deserve the insight and expertise of the leading authority. Designetics.