Designetics was founded to solve fluid application problems in manufacturing.




In a world that’s more complex, technology-driven and precision-based, it’s important to get a partner that’s as focused on your manufacturing process as you are. That’s us.

More than three decades ago, our founders saw a better way to create fluid applicators. It’s a way that puts quality and control back into the hands of our partners. A way that ensures the highest quality and the latest in fluid applicator innovations. A way that saves you time and money, boosting efficiency and effectiveness. And, along the way, our founders set up a company that not only pushed the bounds of the achievable in adhesive applications, but created a workplace built on compassion for its employees. We may have created the fluid dispensing systems industry, but that’s only one source of our pride.

While we have developed countless patents and application solutions for many well-known clients, we’d much rather talk about the way we do business. Integrity is a touchstone in everything we do, in our every action. And giving back—to our community, our employees and the world at large—drives us. For more on that, check out information on our foundation, Designetics Cares.


How Designetics Works and its core principles.



Designetics pride comes from the way we work. We don’t set out to build fluid applicators and then push them as a catch-all problem solver. Instead, we focus on first looking at a client’s fluid dispensing needs. Their problems. The things that keep them up at night. Then, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We work with you every step of the way, to create the best fluid applicators for your process.

Tapping our decades of fluid applicator expertise, we strategize dispensing systems solutions, then prototype products that can make those solutions a reality. At every stage, we ideate, iterate and tinker, testing and retesting liquid dispensing components to ensure the perfect outcome. Then we test some more. The goal: ensuring our industrial fluid applicators cater to the needs of our client before a single final applicator is assembled.

Consistency, waste reduction and growth.

Working with Designetics—in whatever form—offers manufacturers unmatched opportunities. Opportunities like task repetition with consistent results. Opportunities like reduced waste, because accurate application means less spoilage and scrap. Opportunities like a significant reduction in environmental hazards from adhesive and fluid spillage or airborne chemicals. And, opportunities for you to grow, thrive and ultimately beat your competition.

Our products and solutions have made leaders in countless industries run smarter, faster and more efficiently—and with more opportunity for growth and profit.

Whether you’re looking for manual fluid applicators or a closed-loop end-to-end system, you deserve the insight and expertise of the leading authority. Designetics.