They’re not just ways of doing business with our clients. They’re drivers in all aspects of Designetics. As a family-owned business, it’s important to us those tenets are a focus every day.


For example, we believe treating employees right—with integrity, honesty and compassion—will result in them treating the business with that same care and respect. So, our human resources practices focus on providing all employees—from assembly line to degreed professionals—with opportunities for enrichment, betterment and advancement.


Designetics offers health insurance free of charge to employees, as well as ancillary benefits, like an employee assistance program, nutrition counseling and smoking cessation classes. What’s more, we encourage employees to take an active role in giving back to the community. To this end, the company sponsors a number of volunteer efforts, taking employees out into the surrounding community to assist those less fortunate and help build stronger community ties.


All this, coupled with employee-based activities like sponsored lunch-and-learns, after-work events and other perks, makes Designetics sought-after employment.









In addition, the company has a non-profit foundation called Designetics Cares, which funds extensive outreach efforts.



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