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Achieve Unmatched Precision and Efficiency With Our Innovative Fluid Application Solutions

Discover a seamless manufacturing experience with custom fluid applicators designed to enhance your production process. By delivering exceptional accuracy and repeatability, our fluid applicators ensure consistent results and minimized waste, saving you both time and resources. Elevate your fluid, chemical, adhesive and lubricant applications today with the help of Designetics.

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Transform Your Fluid Application Process

We’re your one-stop shop for thousands of fluid applicators and accessories designed to optimize your production process. Our comprehensive solutions ensure success for your products, partners, employees and bottom line. If you can’t find the perfect applicator within our existing lineup, we’ll craft a custom solution tailored to your specific needs. Our diverse selection of applicators has been developed to meet virtually any fluid application challenge. Trust in Designetics to deliver unparalleled quality and efficiency for your fluid application processes.

Brush Applicators

Ideal for applying material to irregular or hard-to-reach surfaces, our high-quality brush applicators can be cut and shaped to your specifications. Composed of various brush materials, these applicators can be used to coat metal, plastic and wood surfaces with ease.

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Round Applicators

Ideal for single-surface application when no orientation is necessary, the round applicator dispenses a broad range of fluid viscosities with sharp demarcation and precise repeatability.

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Channel Applicators

The preferred choice for evenly coating the interior surfaces of metal, plastic and rubber channels. We provide several channel applicators to fit various shape, size and material requirements.

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Wraparound Applicators

For multi-surface applications, the wraparound applicator provides crisp demarcation and precise repeatability. Ideal for coating one or two sides and an edge with a single pass, our standard wraparound applicators dispense a broad range of fluid viscosities.

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Flat Applicators

For single-surface applications, the flat applicator dispenses fluid with crisp demarcation and precise repeatability. Flat applicators may be ordered with or without an edge guide to meet a broad range of coating widths and fluid viscosities, while custom applicators are available for specific priming applications.

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Tailored Dispensing Systems for Enhanced Productivity

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At Designetics, we’re dedicated to providing you with custom applicators that perfectly align with your production needs. Our rapid prototyping and 3D printing capabilities ensure a fast, efficient design process, while our extensive range of off-the-shelf products offers additional options for your unique workflow. Our skilled engineers collaborate closely with your team to analyze your production line and recommend the most effective dispensing system. We rigorously test each solution at our headquarters, guaranteeing flawless integration and improved productivity for your business.

Various fluid applicator brush tips.


We offer a comprehensive range of precision applicators designed for manual use across various industries. Our diverse selection includes brushes, channel applicators, and flat, wraparound and round heads. With a focus on maximizing coverage and flow on different substrates, we’ve utilized materials such as felt, synthetic hair, sponge, foam rubber and even goat hair to create thousands of unique applicator types. Our commitment lies in designing applicators that ensure your success.

Technician using a fluid applicator.


Our innovative semi-automated equipment and systems provide precise and efficient fluid application. Implementing a semi-automated fluid application system affords many of the same benefits as a fully-automated system, including higher throughput, improved quality, reduced waste and safety—by design. Plus, our expert team ensures the process of moving from a semi-automated to fully automated process is thorough and seamless.

Technicians using a fluid applicator system.


We’ve developed both mobile and stationary industrial liquid dispense systems that, when combined with our fluid applicators, deliver exceptional coverage and accurate dispensing of various liquids. Our automated systems are designed to reduce work time and enable more flexible manufacturing processes. Featuring adjustable flow rates and coverage, these self-contained systems offer unparalleled flexibility and precision.

Supporting Accessories

Plastic bottle accessories.

Plastic Bottles

Available in HDPE or LDPE, Designetics manufactures high quality, 100% clean plastic cylinder bottles in Holland, Ohio.

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Plastic bottle caps.

Plastic Caps

Plastic Screw Cap: Fine grip continuous plastic PP screw cap that fits any 24-410 size bottle. Made in USA.

Plastic Disc Top Cap: Easy dispense PP disc top cap fits any 24-410 bottle and works great with our LDPE bottles for squeeze and pour capabilities with personal care products, sanitizers and chemicals

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Your Partner in Fluid Application

Whether you’re looking for manual fluid applicators, semi-automated fluid dispensing solutions or fully-automated systems, trust Designetics—the leading authority committed to unmatched insight and expertise. Let us help you find the ideal solution that meets your requirements and enhances your production process.

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