As a global resource for liquid dispensers and fluid dispensing systems, Designetics is well positioned to meet—and exceed—any of your mechanical adhesive applications challenges.


Whether you’re looking for applicator brushes, applicator tips, plastic adhesion promotors, industrial fluid applicators, glue dispensers, dosing pumps or automated dispensing systems, Designetics has the right solution at the ready. We have been designing and manufacturing glue applicators and adhesive dispensing systems for decades and have built a reputation for engineering and designing dispensing products to meet exacting specification and standards.


Any engagement with us will begin with a thorough exploration of your fluid dispensing needs, as well as ways we can reduce spoilage. As part of this process, we will learn more of your business needs and get a deeper understanding of your manufacturing process, so we can recommend the best liquid dispensers, brush applicators and fluid dispensing systems to maximize your manufacturing processes and workflow.

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