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Maximum Application Expertise

For Maximum Resistance, Durability & Longevity.

Each Designetics application system is built uniquely—specifically to meet your process’s needs.

Whether that process is hand-held or fully automated.

Whether you’re applying a primer, an adhesive, a promoter, an activator, a lubricant or a cleaner.

Whether your substrate is glass, metal, plastic, rubber or wood.

On flat applications with a single surface, or wraparound applications with multiple surfaces. On channel applications in grooves or slots, or brush applications for irregular surfaces.

We may already have a system that makes you more efficient. If not, we’ll design one that does.

Ask us how. 

Here are a few challenges we’ve encountered over the years, and how we’ve partnered with customers to turn them into win-wins.

What’s your challenge?

We’ll help you overcome it.

Designetics customizes solutions for our partners’ challenges. We’re problem-solvers, with wide-ranging capabilities. Whether your application issues are manual, fully automated, or both, we’ll trouble-shoot and deliver what you need to get your business back on track.

I want to upgrade a manual process to automation, maintain production standards and have a fail-safe system capable of reverting back to manual priming in case of process adjustments.
Our applicators will handle either application, easily transferring from a manual application to Designetics automation equipment, creating a complete and interchangeable system. And for small touch-up jobs or as automation backup, it’s still easy to use a handheld bottle application.
I need a repeatable process to help me lay down primers with accurate widths and film build.
A Designetics felt applicator relieves streaking and snow plowing, enabling better control of liquid output.
Our standard for coatings isn’t repeatable or cost effective.
We’ll create (or have already created!) applicators matching whatever profile you need, providing an accurate application required for industry standards.

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